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Bell Satellite TV

Bell Satellite TV is one of Canada’s leading satellite TV providers providing perfect picture quality and a great selection of the best TV channels. Bell also offers custom user-friendly features to enrich your satellite viewing experience. The two primary satellite TV providers in Canada are Bell TV and Shaw Communications.

Difference between Bell and Shaw

Both Bell TV and Shaw connect to the Canadian Nimiq infrastructure of geostationary satellites. Shaw satellite TV is more predominant in western Canada whereas Bell is a bigger player in eastern Canada. The services provided by each satellite operator will vary in HD programming choices and cost.

Connecting to Bell TV

Once you’ve chosen to go with Bell, you can get hooked up to satellite TV in no time at all. First, spend the time to choose your channels and equipment before rushing to make an impulsive purchase.

Monthly Subscription

Before signing up with Bell Satellite TV, use their online web tool to verify Bell satellite coverage in your area. To setup your subscription for satellite TV, register directly with Bell on their website. Select the channels and packages best suited to your budget and your entertainment preferences.

Bell Satellite Equipment

Next, you will need a Bell TV satellite dish to facilitate data transmission between your TV set and the orbital satellites. For Fixed Home satellite dishes, an 18 to 30-inch dish is adequate for an average household and equipped with a Bell TV satellite finder to connect to the closest satellite. Note that the larger and more powerful the dish, the stronger the signal.

The dish is installed on the roof or side of the house, which is the easy part. The technically challenging part is aiming the dish accurately so ensure you follow the accompanying installation guides to get the dish in the best position.

Bell Satellite Dishes

Choose a Bell TV satellite dish from our range of units that include compact dishes that are fixed or portable. The King Quest, King Dome, and Winegard devices can be mounted to vehicles for connectivity while in motion. The Intellian and TracVision portable dishes are on the upper end scale for more intensive mobile requirements.

Fixed Units

If you’re looking for a permanent satellite home solution, consider these factors to guide you in making the best selection possible.

  1. HD dishes are used for high-definition TV and are slightly bigger than the standard dishes. These dishes can pick up more satellites as well as local HD channels.
  2. A satellite dish has a Low Noise Blocker (LNB) on the front of the dish to refine the received transmission. Having multiple LNBs (known as dual, triple, or quad-LNB) means extending viewing capabilities. Starting with a dual-LNB is less restrictive than a single LNB dish.


Numerous accessories and parts can be added on to your digital satellite system for better viewing like additional LNBs, switches, and receivers. Bell satellite TV receivers have a built-in decoder to access subscription-based TV channels. You can buy receivers separately or choose a satellite TV dish with an integrated receiver decoder.



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