Inmarsat Swift 64
Swift 64 provides a range of fast, flexible and secure data applications for cockpit and passengers.

The in-flight broadband speeds it provides helps to improve the passenger experience, while giving the flight deck better bandwidth, improving planning, weather and chart updates. It also delivers a high-quality voice service, comparable with land-based fixed phone services.

Connectivity for the cockpit and cabin
Swift 64 is a circuit-switched, Mobile ISDN service providing the same high-quality speed as terrestrial ISDN.

The symmetric service to and from the aircraft supports one, two or four-channel avionics. Higher bandwidth can be achieved by bonding up to four 64kbps channels together – yielding up to 256kbps or higher with data compression.

Fast and flexible
In its 64kbps-per-channel form, Swift 64 provides ample bandwidth for flight planning, weather and chart updates.

Enhanced data
Optional bonding of channels yields up to 256kbps and data compression allows for optimisation of channel usage by conveying larger amounts of data in the same timeframe.

Secure connections
Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure standards, including STU-IIIb and STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

Global coverage
Delivered within the Inmarsat-3 regional beams.

Readily integrated
Swift 64 offers ISDN and packet-data and is readily integrated with ground-based networks.

Simultaneous operation
Standalone or simultaneous operation with Inmarsat Aero H, H+ and Swift 64 through the same high-gain antenna.

Cobham Swift 64 systems have been installed on a range of aircraft and helicopter platforms for transmission of video (typically security or economic surveillance).

Honeywell offers satellite communications solutions for passengers and flight crew including reliable voice, fax and high-speed data communications throughout the world. The wide Honeywell portfolio extends from the small 2-MCU Aspire 200 Data Unit to the most capable multi-channel satellite communication (MCS) product family with always a choice of antennae to meet every customer’s needs and expectations.

Aspire 200
Honeywell Aspire 200 in-flight communications systems are ideally suited for a wide variety of aircraft types, including single and multi-engine turboprops and small jets with the same Honeywell quality as multi-channel MCS series in a smaller, lighter single-channel system. It provides Swift64 services as a fallback to SwiftBroadband operations.

The Honeywell MCS-7100 Series family is based around the 8-MCU HD-710 Satellite Data Unit either in a standalone mode or combined with an existing Classic system to offer of simultaneous channels of Classic Aero H+ services (voice & data) and Swift64 or SwiftBroadband services.

All MCS-7100 systems are Level “D” certified and embedded HPA.

The MCS-7100 family is composed of the:

MCS-7163, upgrade path to any existing Honeywell MCS-3000/6000.
MCS-7147, the upgrade path to any existing Honeywell MCS-4000/7000
MCS-7120, an all-in-one architecture (HD-710 standalone configuration) with a flexible combination of up to four channels supporting Classic Aero services and Swift64/SwiftBroadband
eNfusion® high-speed satellite communications transceivers interface with any ARINC 741/781-compatible antenna to provide high-speed voice and data links to Inmarsat’s worldwide satellite network.

The HSD400 is an 8-MCU two-channel card system providing 4 channels of Swift64 (or 2 channels SwiftBroadband), specifically designed to provide data and voice connectivity to the cabin.
The HSD-440 is of an 8-MCU design and is used to add both cabin services (Swift64 or SwiftBroadband with a Swift64 fallback) and cockpit/safety services to an aircraft using a single avionics unit. It can interface with any ARINC 741/781 compatible antenna to provide the right level of services to the aircraft operator.
The HSD-Xi Channel Extension Terminal is a 2-MCU sized terminal bringing additional data and voice capabilities to MCS-7120, HSD-440 and HSD-400 systems with a SwiftBroadband or Swift 64 channel.

TopFlight SATCOM is a small, light and cost-effective cooperative mode satcom system conforming to the latest ARINC-781 standard, housed in a single 6 MCU enclosure and offering Classic and SwiftBroadband services. Passengers can benefit from use of cellular telephones and internet with worldwide roaming on board the aircraft.

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