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  1. Intellian OneWeb Maritime  Dual Parabolic User Terminal (OS-OW50M)
    OneWeb notendastöð fyrir sjómennsku (FORORDER)
    25.529,85 € 22.220,43 € 22.220,43 €
  2. Intellian OneWeb Dual Parabolic Land User Terminal (OW70L-Dac)
    OneWeb notendastöð
    22.220,43 € 22.220,43 €
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Delivering Communications Technology that Connects and Inspires
Intellian is a leading global provider of stabilized satellite antenna systems. Built upon our patented RF, stabilization and tracking technologies, our products support a wide range of industries, including Commercial Maritime, Offshore Energy, Defense & Intelligence and Luxury Yachting. Our comprehensive range of antenna systems includes Satellite TV, VSAT, Global Xpress and FleetBroadband solutions.

Enabling the Markets we Serve
Whether delivering goods across oceans, exploring for oil & gas in remote regions, or simply enjoying the world's great cruising destinations, the need for reliable connectivity is ever-present and always increasing. Intellian was founded on the premise that making remote connectivity simple could increase profitability for enterprises and improve lives for all.

We call it Market Enabling Technology, and while developing new technologies is how we spend most of our time, it is merely a means to an end. Our mission is to apply our efforts and focus in flexible ways that meet the needs of our customers and solve fundamental market problems.

Global Thought Leadership
Intellian is a company built on better ideas. In an industry traditionally dominated by conventional thought and established methodologies, the Intellian team approaches connectivity challenges with a refreshingly user-focused perspective. We build antennas and develop industry-shaping RF technology. At the core of Intellian, however, lies a deep focus and passion for creating new ways to connect and inspire people.

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