KVH Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells mobile communication products. The company is focused on military navigation, RV and vehicle satellite communications, and mobile satellite communication. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Middletown, Rhode Island. Currently, the company serves several markets and is the only provider of such technology to offer a full-integrated communications solution. If you're looking for reliable, cutting-edge technology, look no further than KVH.

KVH is the world's leading manufacturer of inertial navigation systems and maritime VSAT. With its modular design and patented technologies, KVH provides complete solutions for marine satellite communications. With a variety of sizes and configurations, its products are adaptable to a variety of applications. They can also be customized for specific purposes. Its asymmetrically oriented beam. Its innovative technology enables high-speed connections on board.

KVH is a global leader in satellite connectivity, inertial navigation systems, and mini-VSAT. Its products provide worldwide high-speed Internet, television, and voice services through satellite. Its products include the mini-VSAT Broadband network, TracPhone satellite communications systems, and TracVision satellite television. This type of connection allows for greater flexibility in construction and has increased structural integrity compared to solid timber.

KVH's TracPhone HTS series offers mobile connectivity solutions for the maritime market. The company offers a variety of service packages for marine customers, including GPS-enabled navigation systems. It also offers satellite radio and GPS navigation. Its products are marketed to military personnel and emergency medical services. Its satellites and other devices help keep maritime equipment safe and connected. With its high-speed internet and low-cost, it has become indispensable for a diverse range of industries.


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  1. KVH TracPhone Fleet One
    KVH TracPhone Fleet One
    € 4.761,25 € 4.761,25
  2. KVH TracVision TV1 (Canada / VS)
    KVH TracVision TV1 (Canada / VS)
    € 2.568,88 € 2.092,28 € 2.092,28
  3. KVH TracVision HD7 DirectTV Marine satelliet-tv-systeem (01-0323-01)
    KVH TracVision HD7 DirectTV Marine satelliet-tv-systeem (01-0323-01)
    € 12.386,88 € 10.008,63 € 10.008,63
  4. KVH TracPhone V11
    KVH TracPhone LTE-1 Extended Range Mobiel Internet
    € 1.619,49 € 1.619,49
  5. KVH TracPhone V11
    KVH TracPhone V11
    € 49.822,35 € 49.822,35
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