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A home network switch is used when you want to distribute your satellite TV to multiple displays in your household. Satellite dishes have LNBs that receive satellite signals and transmit them to a receiver (TV). A multi-switch is used to take a satellite signal from multiple LNBs and distribute the signal to multiple receivers.

What is an LNB?

An LNB (Low Noise Block) is a device on the front of a satellite dish receiving low level microwave signals from a satellite. The LNB amplifies the signal and converts it to a lower frequency band before sending the signal to the receiver indoors.

Bell and DISH Switches

A DISH network LNB switch like the Videopath SW-44 (SW44) Multi-Dish Switch can also be used with Bell TV. It can distribute signals from dual LNBs to four receivers.

Other satellite switches for the DISH network and Bell TV include:

  • An LNB switch for the DISH network or Bell uses the Pro Plus DPP44 switch with a power inserter lets you receive up to four satellite signals and distribute the signals to four receivers per switch. The DISH network switch box supports trunking together switches so you can add more receivers. The power inserter also helps to boost the signal.

  • The Pro Plus DPP Separator connects the inputs of two satellite tuners using one cable.

  • The 8 Receiver SW44 Switch Expansion Kit is used to expand your current SW44 switch set up for a maximum of 8 tuners.

  • The Bell TV 6 Receiver (HD or PVR) LNB and switch combo is bundled with a DPP44 switch and power inserter, one Bell TV DPP Quad LNB for 3 to 4 receivers and the DPP Separator for Bell TV and Telus Satellite TV.

Changing Satellite Providers

When you want to change satellite providers like making the switch to Directv from the DISH network, you will need to get a new satellite dish installed as you cannot use your old equipment compatible with the DISH network. You need to replace the connected receivers as well to work with Directv.


A satellite multi-switch combines passive CATV/Antenna signals and satellite signals in a system using satellite and broadcast signals for an integrated cable signal. The multi-switch is designed for an independent selection of LNB-A or LNB-B for each satellite receiver and each individual receiver can select any satellite channel. The Zinwell 4X4 multi-switch is DirecTV approved and used for 101° and 95° (or 72.5°) satellites. Its compact design offers excellent isolation and is waterproof. The EMP Centauri 3x8 powered multi-switch is a cascadable switch for distributing terrestrial and satellite signals from one satellite position (2 polarities) to 8 users. Cascadable multi-switches are designed to distribute signals with or without terrestrial television. Cascades are flexible, the number of satellite subscribers can be adapted to your requirements. The Ecoda 3X4 multi-switch works with dual LNBs and four receivers. Multiple set ups each require a 3x4 multi-switch for each additional LNB.

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