Cobham is the enabler of connection across land and sea, shaping the future of connectivity by making communication seamless, affordable, accessible, and safe, anywhere, anytime on any device. From radio to satellite communication, Cobham have always shaped the future of communication.


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  1. Cobham SAILOR 800 VSAT-System
    Cobham SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku-System (407080A-00501)
    36.024,57 € 27.069,69 € 27.069,69 €
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Discover Cobham SATCOM: Advanced Satellite Communication Solutions

Welcome to our exclusive category dedicated to Cobham SATCOM, a global leader in satellite communication technology. Cobham SATCOM provides high-quality, reliable solutions for aeronautical, land, maritime, and government applications, ensuring connectivity in the most remote and challenging environments on the planet.

At Cobham SATCOM, innovation and excellence lead the way. Our range includes sophisticated satellite antennas and terminals, designed to meet the critical needs of our diverse clientele, including media, military, marine, and exploration sectors. Each product is engineered with precision to offer superior performance, extensive coverage, and robust reliability.

Explore our selection of Cobham SATCOM products to find the ideal solution for your satellite communication needs. Whether you're managing a fleet, conducting a remote operation, or ensuring critical infrastructure, Cobham SATCOM has the technology to keep you connected. Our detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and technical specifications will help you make informed decisions.

Stay connected anywhere with Cobham SATCOM's cutting-edge technology. Enhance your operational capabilities and embrace seamless communication with our state-of-the-art satellite solutions. Browse now and experience the pinnacle of satellite communication.

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