Intellian products empower connectivity to deliver content and entertainment
When you are looking to get connected while at sea or watch the latest news, Intellian has a product range to suit all needs. With a full range of satellite communication systems to meet the demands of 24/7 mission-critical operations, along with a range of Satellite TV systems to give you HD and in some cases 4K TV while offshore.

Intellian Marine VSAT Communications Systems

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  1. Intellian v240 VSAT Marine Antenne System (VC1-240)
    Intellian v240C VSAT Marine Antenne System (VC1-241-P)
    93.632,41 € 55.474,84 € 55.474,84 €
  2. Intellian v240M VSAT Marine Antenne System
    Intellian v240M VSAT Marine Antenne System (VM2-241-P)
    141.867,29 € 100.077,91 € 100.077,91 €
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Market Enabling Design and Technology
For too long, VSAT has been a complex and cumbersome technology to adopt. Many segments of the offshore industry have deferred upgrading their vessel’s communications, preferring the simplicity of legacy solutions even while suffering from lower bandwidth.

Intellian has played a pivotal role in changing the industry’s perception of VSAT as a viable, convenient communications solution. From drastically shortening installation times to pioneering the availability of remote management, control and support to developing the world’s first truly global LNB or blazing a path in Ku- to Ka-band upgrade, Intellian antennas make VSAT easy.

Groundbreaking Reliability and Performance
Intellian v-Series antennas are 3-axis stabilized maritime satellite communication antenna systems that offer exceptional value and superior RF performance. These exceptional VSAT systems support single and multi-band LNBs (including Intellian’s exclusive Global PLL LNB), both cross-pol and co-pol feeds, numerous BUC options as well as a Dual Mediator option for expanded redundancy and fail safe applications.

All v-Series antennas interface with Intellian’s Aptus software via PC, Mobile or Remote Web access, ensuring ease of operation onboard as well as access to remote support whenever its needed.

Total Cost of Ownership
At Intellian, we understand that your investment in VSAT communications is made with an expectation of predictable returns. With exceptional performance, durability, customizable software and remote access service capability, Intellian VSATs deliver the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership. Easy installation, reduced spare parts, leading RF performance and a Three-Year Global Warranty to cover it all: Intellian VSAT antennas and components will consistently add to your bottom line.

Open System Architecture
Intellian VSAT antennas take advantage of an open system architecture, designed to work seamlessly with all major satellite service providers, giving you greater flexibility to profitably package your airtime service contracts.

Fast Delivery
With logistics, testing and warehousing facilities spread across three continents, Intellian is well positioned to provide swift delivery of pre-integrated, pre-tested, ready-to-go products, enabling our customers to meet increasing market demand for high-speed connectivity.

Purpose Built
Intellian VSAT antenna systems are designed and manufactured to function flawlessly in the harshest marine environments. Our high tech innovation ensures superior RF performance and reliability, while our common sense, user-focused approach makes installation and maintenance a breeze.

Global Support
Intellian maintains global service centers in Seoul, Irvine, Fort Lauderdale, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam and Southampton as well as our Maritime Technical Center in Busan, Korea. Intellian’s vast network of distributors and dealers are located in all major world ports with trained technicians and professional service staff on hand.

Three Year Global Warranty
Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 2-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment.

The new warranty policy (3 year parts and 2 year labor) is only valid for products purchased after 1st, January 2017.

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