Remote Satellite Communications

Because conventional wireless connectivity isn't always where you are, our 100% global coverage provides customers with reliable, low cost satellite communication services including internet, email, phone, fax, corporate LAN and streaming data transfer regardless of location or conditions.  Canada Satellite offers a wide range of connectivity solutions, tailored to your communications requirements and the complexity of your network.
Iridium 9575 & 9555 Satellite Phones
Designed to meet military specifications for durability, Iridium satellite phones integrate voice, data, GPS location based tracking and a programmable SOS button in a single device.  Iridium satellite phones are rugged enough to meet your critical communications needs even in the harshest or most remote environments.
Portable Broadband Treminals
The Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER Series offer features and functionalities for any requirement for mobile broadband communications. All EXPLORER terminals take into account ease of use. They are highly customizable, they boast a plug and play capability, and give you simplicity, functionality and versatility
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