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Satellite TV

Through advances in technology, the choices in systems and devices are exploding. Our selection of satellite TV parts and accessories give consumers the flexibility to access satellite communications and content from anywhere in the world.

Fixed and Portable Options

From our extensive range of satellite dishes, you will be able to find a solution that fits any situation. Whether it’s for a permanent setup at home or for going on vacation. Satellite dishes can be installed on the roof of your home, or other types can be mounted to any RV, or fixed to a mast on your yacht. If you are camping or renting a cabin in the woods, you can opt for carry-out dishes that are easy to stow and deploy.

Satellite TV Accessories

We offer a variety of satellites that gives you the choice to install antennas compatible with your favorite satellite TV provider. Depending on the subscription you have, you can install a Telus, Shaw Direct, DISH Network, or Bell TV Dish on any platform.

Installation Needs

Regardless of where you intend installing your satellite dish, there are countless accessories available to ensure you have everything you need for a seamless setup. These include cables, signal finders, connectors, mounting structures, and extra parts for the antenna such as DPP Quad LNBs, splitters, and receivers, as well as full tool kits bundled in secure cases for convenient storage.

Home Dishes

To permanently install a satellite TV dish, choose from the diverse collection of antennas that come in varying sizes. From the smaller Bell 21” or larger Shaw direct 75e dish, there is a solution for any fixed structure. Additionally, you can upgrade or repair existing satellite dishes with units like the Shaw Direct Xku LNBF to get the best viewing options.

RV Satellite

King Dome and Winegard satellite antennas have a versatile offering in mounted or carry-out antennas. These can be fixed on a temporary structure, or to the roof of your RV as they can be used while the vehicle is in-motion. Tripods and carry cases are also available for quick access or storage.

Along with satellite TV, we also have Wi-Fi extenders that are portable to keep your devices connected to an Internet service. These are ideal for RVs where an Internet connection is available, and you want to broadcast the signal for quality connectivity.

Camping Combos

Camping combos are great when taking the family for a sleep out to isolated areas. Keep the kids entertained in the evenings with the Telus, Bell, or Shaw Direct portable dishes. They are easy to set up on a tripod and come in affordable packages for on-demand satellite TV.

Marine Applications

Heading off for a sailing trip? Take satellite TV with you using the high-end Intellian and KVH TracVision systems. These are ideal for small or large vessels and offer seamless connectivity for HD or SD viewing when you’re out in the middle of the ocean. These sophisticated dishes are encased in a dome to withstand all weather and sea conditions.

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