Thuraya XT-LITE

The Thuraya XT LITE offers reliable satellite phone connectivity at an unbeatable price. With its compact and lightweight design, the XT-LITE is perfect for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals who need to stay connected when on the go. Its long-lasting battery and rugged design make it resistant to harsh weather conditions, making it the ideal choice for those who work and play in challenging environments. Additionally, the XT-LITE features a user-friendly interface, SOS button, and a built-in flashlight, making it a versatile and essential tool for anyone who needs to stay connected no matter where their adventures take them.

Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone

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Simple. Dependable. Affordable.
Thuraya XT- LITE is the world's most affordable satellite phone. With its low price and high quality, this reliable satellite phone is perfect for people who want to stay connected anywhere in the world.
An intuitive satellite phone, which lets users make phone calls and send SMS messages in satellite mode. If you're about to take off on the adventure of a life time, Thuraya's XT-LITE is the best option  for staying in touch with friends and family - at an affordable price.
The XT LITE is designed for cost-conscious consumers who need to stay securely connected, without sacrificing a clear and uninterrupted signal. It is one of only a few phones that offer dual GSM and satellite phone calls through one SIM card. And it's a snap to use. You can make calls and send SMS text messages in satellite mode, even if you're crossing the desert, sailing the seas or climbing a mountain. When there is no terrestrial network coverage, use satellite mode for calls and texts. The advanced omni directional antenna provides uninterrupted communications, providing walk-and-call functionality for seemless calls-on the go. Long-lasting battery power means that you can use your Thuraya XT-Lite for longer periods without needing to recharge it. It has a battery life of up to 6 hours when talking and up to 80 hours of standby time. It has additional features such as an address book, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, contact groups, conference calling, speed dialing, timer, and world time. If you want to be able to use both GSM and satellite network services, you need to buy a Thuraya post-pay SIM. However, if you'd rather use a Thuraya pre paid SIM, you'll need to buy a GSM SIM card to be able to access both GSM network services and satellite network services.
With Thuraya's unmatched satellite network, you will enjoy crystal clear communications and access to robust data connections at the most affordable prices. An unbeatable value, far surpassing any other product in the satellite communications market.
Supported by a Robust and Powerful Satellite Network
Thuraya's satellite coverage is renowned for its reliability, including approximately 160 countries, or two-thirds of Earth. With the XT-LITE, you can receive a call notification even when the satellite antenna is stowed, keeping you consistently connected.
Calling and texts in satellite mode
The Thuraya XT-LITE lets you make calls and text messages in satellite mode when conventional terrestrial networks are unavailable. So no need to worry about losing service during an emergency. Our advanced omni directional antenna allows for uninterrupted communications even when making calls on the go.
Long-lasting battery
With its long-lasting battery, the XT-LITE enables users to reliably communicate for up to six hours at a time and up to 80+ hours stand by time.
Ease of use
The XT-LITE satellite handset is designed to be easy to use. Just charge your phone and make sure your SIM card is working. It's that simple. Then you can program the Thuraya XT-LITE to one of the 13  available languages (Simplified Chinese is available as separate firmware).
Thuraya Recharge Services
Western Union® Quick Pay Service: Thuraya customers are now able to recharge pre-paid voice and data SIMs for no extra cost at over 220,000 participating Western Union agent locations. To top up your Thuraya prepaid voice card, go to a participating Western Union agent and provide your identification and Thuraya phone number. Then reload your prepaid SIM card with payment. Family, friends, colleagues, and others can also pre-paid on behalf of a Thuraya user traveling abroad.
Phone Recharge: With this service, you can buy airtime online, using a credit card to recharge your prepaid Thuraya SIM. You can also top-up airtime by making a free call from your Thuraya handset. You can simply dial the Thuraya toll free number provided when you register for FoneRecharge, then follow the voice prompts to choose your recharge amount. Go to to buy airtime now.


Thuraya XT LITE Accessories

You can use the XT-LITE hands-free with an optional earphone.

External Handset Antenna
For better satellite signal reception when on the move (e.g. in boats or cars) or at the edge of the Thuraya coverage footprint. Just connect the antenna cable (5m length) to the XT-LITE and position the magnetic mounted antenna (IP66 rating) with direct line of sight to the Thuraya satellites.

Spare Travel Charger with multi-plugs
This travel charger connects your phone to almost any socket. The exchangeable plugs allow charging in many parts of the world.

Solar Chargers
A solar charger can charge the XT-LITE, eliminating the need for access to power.

Spare Batteries
A second battery provides extra power for the XT-LITE and extends its use when you don't have access to electricity.

Car Charger
A car charger ensures the XT-LITE has constant power while you're on the go.


Thuraya XT LITE FAQs

What are the differences between the Thuraya XT and the Thuraya XT-LITE?
The Thuraya XT is a multi-feature satellite phone which provides advanced supplementary functions, whereas the Thuraya XT-LITE is a scaled-down version that provides essential satellite services like calling and SMS texting in satellite mode.

Which phone network features does the Thuraya XT-LITE have?
The XT-LITE provides call barring, call diverting, conference calls, call waiting, closed user group and voice mail. 

Can I connect my XT-LITE to a PC or laptop?
In case Thuraya releases new firmware for the XT-LITE, the phone can be easily upgraded by connecting it to a computer or laptop with the included data cable.

Are docking units supported by the Thuraya XT-LITE?
No, unfortunately fixed docking units and vehicle docking units are only available for the Thuraya XT Pro.

Which operating systems are compatible with the Thuraya XT-LITE?
The XT-LITE is compatible with Windows 8/8.1,7, Vista.

What sort of accessories are available for the Thuraya XT-LITE?
There are many accessoriesto complement your Thuraya XT-LITE, like car chargers, travel chargers, USB data cables (for firmware upgrade), earphones, solar chargers, spare batteries, indoor repeaters.

In what countries can I use the Thuraya XT-LITE?
Thuraya XT-LITE can be used across the Thuraya network covering more than 160 countries or two-thirds of the globe in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Please look up our coverage map.

I’ve connected to Thuraya's network but the satellite signal icon in the status bar keeps flashing. What does this mean?
If the satellite signal icon keeps flashing,it means that the device has not received the necessary location information from the satellites. To fix this, move to a place with an unobstructed view of the sky that will allow the Thuraya XT-LITE to receive its location information.

How many contacts can I store on the Thuraya XT-LITE?
Up to 255 contacts can be stored in the phone's memory. The number of contacts that can be stored on the SIM card depends on the type of SIM card being used, a typical Thuraya SIM card can store up to 250 contacts.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Thuraya XT-LITE?
The Thuraya XT-LITE weighs 186g and measures 128 x 53 x 27mm.

Does the Thuraya XT-LITE support different languages?
The menu on the Thuraya XT-LITE supports 12 standard languages: English, Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu. 

What comes with the XT-LITE phone package?
The Thuraya XT-LITE phone package has the following components: Thuraya XT-LITE satellite phone, battery, travel charger (with 4 adapters for the EU, UK, AUS, China), USB data cable, quick-start info sheet, user manual in 13 languages, accessory catalogue.

I have already a Thuraya satellite phone, can I use my SIM card for the XT-LITE?
Yes, Thuraya SIM-cards working in other Thuraya satellite phones will also work in Thuraya XT-LITE.

Can I use a GSM SIM-card in the Thuraya XT-LITE?
The XT-LITE can be used with a GSM SIM-card in satellite roaming mode provided the GSM operator has a roaming agreement with Thuraya. Today Thuraya has nearly 360 GSM roaming partners in more than 160 countries. Please consult with your local GSM SIM-card provider for up to date roaming charges.

What is the talk time and standby time of the Thuraya XT-LITE?
Talk time for the Thuraya XT-LITE is 6 hours, the standby time is 80 hours.

Does the Thuraya XT-LITE have a GPS function?
The Thuraya XT‑LITE features GPS navigation, which allows you to add waypoints and track your location. They can be used to navigate between different locations, showing the distance and directions to each. You can also send your location by SMS to another person so they know where you are.

Can the location of the Thuraya XT-LITE be determined by others?
GPS navigation can only beused by the phone's user – unwanted remote tracking cannot be preformed.

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The Thuraya XT-PRO is a feature-rich satellite phone which provides multiple supplementary functions, whereas the Thuraya XT-LITE is a scaled-down version that provides basic satellite services like calls and SMS in satellite mode.

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